A 20th Century Palate

Jamie Brown and Luke Kirwan explore the art movements of the 20th century through food.

There are few things that rival my insatiable hunger for colour and pattern, my appetite for food is one. Combining the two would surely go down well.

The concept was born — to represent design movements of the 20th century through specially arranged plates of appropriate foods, finished with hand cut patterned paper table cloth backgrounds.

It made sense to use foodstuffs relevant to each movement, so for Bauhaus, a simple selection of Bavarian cold meats and cheeses, rye bread and a touch of mustard. Post modernism openly embraced modern man made materials, so processed food like Kraft cheese, pepperoni and white sliced bread fitted the bill. The saccharine sweet colour schemes of Art Deco were echoed with biscuits and cakes, the earthy tones and floral designs of Arts and Crafts suited a crunchy salad, and Neo Classicism called for the honourable mix of cheese and biscuits.

The shoot day was waste not want not. How glorious it was! Any one session that allows you to eat crab sticks, emmenthal, grapes, radish and pink wafers in one sitting is up there with the best.

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