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The Gourmand


​The Gourmand is published twice per year.

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The Gourmand

Issue 04

Fay Maschler: English as She is Eaten

The illustrious food writer shares some of her favourite culinary objects with Adam Coghlan

Tomb Raiders

Sam Bompas explores the wonders and perils of alcohol archaeology and offers instructions on how to forge a much sought-after vintage

Even the Saltshakers Smiled

Patrick Baglee delves into the archives of pan-Latin American La Fonda del Sol, the innovative 1960s New York restaurant and Alexander Girard’s design masterpiece

Address to a Haggis

Kyle Hugall pens an ode to Scotland’s legendary offal and oatmeal delicacy, and a plea for its legalisation in America

Forbidden Fruit

Photographer Aaron Tilley and set designer Kyle Bean capture the dark side of apples, pears and more

La Primera Comunión

Photographer Bronia Stewart gets up close to an all-day communion celebration in Chalco, Mexico

First Drops

Ananda Pellerin eats homemade gnocchi and makes wine in a garage with her Italian-American family in East Boston

Space Fodder

From the USA to the USSR to Korea, Chris Hatherill and Thomas Sadler investigate the politics of dining in orbit


A fictional look at various food fetishes and dysfunctions by author Will Ashon

The Banquet of the Jellicles

Wood pigeon sundae? Pastel sugared mice? Food Stylist Iain Graham prepares a feast of feline fancies for five furry friends

Maestros of Mezcal

Photographer Ross McDonnell takes a road trip through Oaxaca to meet the makers of the mighty small-batch elixir

Reason, to the Point of Imagination

Chef, food writer and national treasure Simon Hopkinson Reflects on tripe, television and the Michelin man

The Lost Shops of Soho

Alice Tye’s monochrome paintings conjure central London’s great and now lost food shops of the 1970s

The Sound of Violence

Celery knee-capping? Hannah Lack takes a look at the mad and marvelous art of foley film sound effects made with food

Chocolate: After Galileo’s Phases of the Moon

Art Director Romain Lenancker and photographer Thomas Pico present a celestial study in cocoa

Eat it a Little More…

Photographer Gustav Almestål and food stylist Niklas Hansen get their hooks into the surreal side of salmon

The Patty Melts

Tim Burrows takes on London’s current obsession with hamburgers, and visits an old, greasy haunt

Fergus Henderson’s St. John Negroni

Chef and restaurateur Fergus Henderson shares his secret ingredient for the perfect mix of this classic cocktail

Margot Henderson Remembers: Dark, Odd Things

Chef and co-owner of Rochelle Canteen reminisces about the frog legs, snails and wild mushrooms of her childhood

The Bar-Tenders’ Guide

Ben Houston explores a cocktail book classic