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The Gourmand


​The Gourmand is published twice per year.

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Issue 03 - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Issue 03

Milton Glaser: The Underground Gourmet 

Patrick Baglee meets with the formidable designer who changed New York’s culinary landscape forever

Save Our Bacon

Kyle Hugall takes a look at an American porcine trend that is spiralling out of control

Tradizione, Costruzione

Set designer Gemma Tickle and photographer Aaron Tilley present their homage to classic Italian architectural styles

Peta O’Brien: Tools of Her Trade

An intimate look at the many tools used by this leading food stylist and organic model maker


Sam Bompas explores the rich and dramatic history of this very social custom – bottoms up!

John Baldessari: Yours in Food

Natasha Hoare investigates the conceptual art pioneer’s longstanding fascination with food

I Was a Teenage Little Chef Supervisor

Laura Bradley remembers it all—the grease stains, the truckers, the exploding beans—in this homage to a British service station icon

Sunday Specials

Lexical-gustatory synaesthete James Wannerton shows us how in his mind, words become tastes, and traditional Sunday dinner is not as straightforward as it seems


Valeria Costa-Kostrisky spends a day at a singular Parisian restaurant, as proprietor Jean-Luc André recounts how his small dining room has become something between a secret and an institution

Driving Light

Hedai Offaim follows a food truck through the streets during the Jerusalem Season of Culture, collecting the stories of the city’s residents, as told through their favourite dishes 

Levande Arkivet (The Living Archive)

Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen rises to the occasion of Stockholm’s recent sourdough craze, as he speaks with Josephin Vargö about her archive project to preserve the ‘mothers’ of the world

As Turkish as Fish and Chips

Tim Burrows savours the taste of a seemingly simple British tradition, and brings to light its complex origins 

Before Things Change

Seth Fluker captures the psychedelic swirls of dirty dishwater, during his stint at the pot wash station at Whole Foods

After the Ortolan

An ancient—now illegal—practice has brought a French songbird to near extinction. The ritual of eating ortolan is portrayed through a striking visual feast. 


Marco Scozzaro gracefully photographs the people, places, and objects of significance that resonate from both his Italian past and New York present

Long Live the Living

Hannah Lack remembers the brilliance of filmmaker Les Blank, from his love of Creole Zydeco to his longstanding devotion to all things garlic

Sissel Tolaas Remembers: Lutefisk

The world-leading olfactory expert describes her fascination with a particularly philosophical and pungent dish from her childhood

Issue 02 - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Issue 02

The Yemeni Lamb Accident

Rod Stanley talks food, music and lamb liver in Downtown Brooklyn with Granta-listed author Ned Beauman

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Clare Considine shares her insights into the life of 85-year- old sushi master Jiro Ono

The Cockle: Brief, Pleasant Mastication

Tim Burrows celebrates his favourite of the aquatic molluscs

The Serpent That Ate its Own Tail

A fantastical and grotesque photo series depicting contemporary dishes contributing to their own unconventional demise

Anissa Helou: A Life in Objects

The Gourmand visits Anissa Helou's Shoreditch loft to learn more about her life through the objects she collects

Against Nature: Blue Cocktails

Sam Bompas discusses the resurgence of the blue cocktail and its history

Matta-Clark's FOOD

Natasha Hoare examines the legacy of Gordon Matta-Clark's 1970s SoHo eatery – a restaurant and a work of art in its own right.

Pleasure as Rebellion: In the Kitchen with Lydia Lunch

Nadine Monem discusses feeding with No Wave heroine and recent cookbook author Lydia Lunch

Liquid Soul

Kyle Hugall asserts that an animal's soul lies in its bones and muses on the often over- looked and most primal of cook- ing elements – stock. Illustration by Jean Jullien.

The Bird's Odyssey

Gustav Almestål and Niklas Hansen hail the cock that crows in this surreal yet beautiful study of the bird and the egg.

The Hippophagic Oath

Holly Ellyatt discusses our inconsistent moral relationship with horsemeat.

Drink Me

Patrick Baglee's essay on wine labels, the traditional constraints of their design and those who are moving it forwards.

New Malden's Delicious Secret

Ananda Pellerin and photographer Neil Wissink visit London's sprawling suburbia to seek out the finest Korean cuisine.

Sipping Salepi to Extinction

Dawn Starin offers an insight into salepi – a drink made from the tubers of the orchid flower.

Measures of Quality

Artist Jamie Julien-Brown's beautifully crafted installations depict the five cocktail families and their signature components.

Garden of Earthly Delights

Stylist Zoe Bedeaux and photographer Jez Tozer re-enact the surrealist Méret Oppenheim's in- famous 1959 work Cannibal Feast.

Dripping Honey and Dead Rabbits: An Interview With Jennifer Rubell

Janine Catalano travels to artist Jennifer Rubell's Miami home, to talk to her about the significant role food plays in her work and life.

An Illustrated Trip to London's Historic Meat and Fish Markets

Brothers Gwendel and Yann Le Bec visit London's historic markets to document them and their inhabitants.

Chandler Burr's Scent Dinners

Laura Bradley interviews scent critic and author Chandler Burr about his Scent Dinners.

The Ceres Joker

Ryan Chetiyawardana offers his recipe for this most fantastical of cocktails.

Recommended by...

Artist John Baldessari recommends his favourite restaurants, cafés and bars.

Limited Edition Print - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Limited Edition Print

The Manhattan by Jean Jullien. ​From 'A Very Bitter New Yorker' Issue 00, 2013

Editions of 200

A2, three colour lithographic prints on 175gsm uncoated art paper

Limited Edition Print - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Limited Edition Print

The Cockle Seller by Nous Vous, from 'The Cockle: Brief, Pleasant Mastication' Issue 02, 2013

Editions of 200

A2, three colour lithographic prints on 175gsm uncoated art paper

Limited Edition Print - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Limited Edition Print

​The Critic by Paul Davis, from 'Don't Talk with your Mouthful' Issue 01, 2013

Editions of 200

A2, three colour lithographic prints on 175gsm uncoated art paper

Limited Edition Print - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Limited Edition Print

Smithfield Market Trader by Yann Le Bec, from 'An Illustrated Trip to London's Historic Markets' Issue 00, 2012

Editions of 200

A2, three colour lithographic prints on 175gsm uncoated art paper

Issue 01 - Issues - The Gourmand
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The Gourmand

Issue 01

An Edible Athenaeum: Mark Hix’s Library

The Gourmand visits Mark Hix at his culinary library loft housing some 1,200 collectible titles.

Sometimes the Spaghetti Likes to be Alone

Clare Considine writes an essay in praise of Stanley Tucci’s film Big Night. 

The First Man Who Threw Peas at Me Was a Publican

Patrick Baglee, shares his ode to The Compleat Imbiber book series.

A Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes

Natasha Hoare visits patron, collector, cook and host, Valeria Napoleone at her Kensington home to interview her about her new cookbook and about

her collection of women’s art. Photography: David Lane.

Life and Death, Dough and Flesh

Louisa Elderton, assistant Curator at Blain Southern gallery, met with artist Amelia Newton Whitelaw to discuss her work.

Photography: Benjamin McMahon.

Amergris:The Waft of Whale

Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr educates on one of the world most unwonted and strangest ingredients. Illustration: Yann Le Bec.

O Gluttony! Divine Gluttony!

Photographer Gustav Almestal and stylist Niklas Hanses explore the sensual pleasures of food through their glossy and beautifully styled photography.

The Delicacy of the Hand

Julia Muggenburg of Belmacz models her bespoke jewellery with her hands draped in food styled by Nuno Mendes of London’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Viajante.


Photographer Robin Friend visits the caves of Cheddar Gorge where the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company mature their cheese in traditional fashion.

A Monster from the Deep

Kyle Hugall, shares his hilarious disgust and personal experience of the humble sea urchin.

Illustration: Jean Jullien.

Don’t Talk with your Mouthful

Artist, Paul Davis illustrated conversations he’s overheard in London restaurants.

It Just Isn’t Brunch

Tim Burrows writes a historical account of the classic British breakfast with supporting image by multi-disciplinary designer and artist, Jamie Brown.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Photographer Paolo Di Lucente documents classic New York Diners.

A Short History of Sexy Food

Holly Ellyatt delves into the history of the relationship between sex and food. Photography: Gustav Almestal.

Krall’s Franks:

Janine Catalano, a food and art historian explores the history behind the American hot dog through the work of comic artist Hawk Krall.

Sniff, Snufkin and Groke: Arabia’sMoomin Love Affair

Thea Urdal, shares her experience of growing up with the Moomins and why as adults, Arabia crockery’s Moomin range is such a collectable item.

Julian Temperley

Artisan cider maker and distiller, and owner of Somerset Cider Brandy Company shares his Orchard Mist recipe.

Jeremy Lee

The tall, Scottish head chef behind London’s Quo Vadis restaurant tells The Gourmand where he prefers to eat and drink around capital. 


Issue 00 - Issues - The Gourmand

The Gourmand

Issue 00

Bear Market:

A musical tour of Brixton Market with house heroes The 2 Bears by Dazed & Confused editor Rod Stanley.

Koons’s Apple Dumplings:

Artist Matthew Darbyshire cooks with and talks to curator Natasha Hoare.

Degusting: An Evening with David Shrigley

Hayward Gallery publisher Nadine Monem on David Shrigley’s opera Pass The Spoon.

Dhabas: The Roadside Cafés of South India

Photographed by Sat Bulsara.

Recommended By...

World famous California based designer Ed Fella on his favoured food haunts.

Sculptures Don’t Eat:

Berlin based artist and chef Yorgos Sapountzis talks to Frieze magazine’s Paul Teasdale.

A 20th Century Palate:

Art Director Jamie Brown recreates art movements of the last century on a plate, photographed by Luke Kirwan.

The Hungry Sinner:

Traditional Swedish food documented by Stockholm based photographer Gustav Almestål.

A Bitter New Yorker:

Kyle Hugall, an Englishman in the big apple, in praise of the classic Manhattan cocktail.

Meat Matters:

Tim Burrows reflects on the humble kebab, illustrated by Thibaud Herem.

With Sorrow Snare:

Crocodile fishing in Australia photographed by artist and photographer Robin Friend.