Issue 01

An Edible Athenaeum: Mark Hix’s Library

The Gourmand visits Mark Hix at his culinary library loft housing some 1,200 collectible titles.

Sometimes the Spaghetti Likes to be Alone

Clare Considine writes an essay in praise of Stanley Tucci’s film Big Night. 

The First Man Who Threw Peas at Me Was a Publican

Patrick Baglee, shares his ode to The Compleat Imbiber book series.

A Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes

Natasha Hoare visits patron, collector, cook and host, Valeria Napoleone at her Kensington home to interview her about her new cookbook and about

her collection of women’s art. Photography: David Lane.

Life and Death, Dough and Flesh

Louisa Elderton, assistant Curator at Blain Southern gallery, met with artist Amelia Newton Whitelaw to discuss her work.

Photography: Benjamin McMahon.

Amergris:The Waft of Whale

Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr educates on one of the world most unwonted and strangest ingredients. Illustration: Yann Le Bec.

O Gluttony! Divine Gluttony!

Photographer Gustav Almestal and stylist Niklas Hanses explore the sensual pleasures of food through their glossy and beautifully styled photography.

The Delicacy of the Hand

Julia Muggenburg of Belmacz models her bespoke jewellery with her hands draped in food styled by Nuno Mendes of London’s Michelin-starred restaurant, Viajante.


Photographer Robin Friend visits the caves of Cheddar Gorge where the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company mature their cheese in traditional fashion.

A Monster from the Deep

Kyle Hugall, shares his hilarious disgust and personal experience of the humble sea urchin.

Illustration: Jean Jullien.

Don’t Talk with your Mouthful

Artist, Paul Davis illustrated conversations he’s overheard in London restaurants.

It Just Isn’t Brunch

Tim Burrows writes a historical account of the classic British breakfast with supporting image by multi-disciplinary designer and artist, Jamie Brown.

A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Photographer Paolo Di Lucente documents classic New York Diners.

A Short History of Sexy Food

Holly Ellyatt delves into the history of the relationship between sex and food. Photography: Gustav Almestal.

Krall’s Franks:

Janine Catalano, a food and art historian explores the history behind the American hot dog through the work of comic artist Hawk Krall.

Sniff, Snufkin and Groke: Arabia’sMoomin Love Affair

Thea Urdal, shares her experience of growing up with the Moomins and why as adults, Arabia crockery’s Moomin range is such a collectable item.

Julian Temperley

Artisan cider maker and distiller, and owner of Somerset Cider Brandy Company shares his Orchard Mist recipe.

Jeremy Lee

The tall, Scottish head chef behind London’s Quo Vadis restaurant tells The Gourmand where he prefers to eat and drink around capital.