Issue 03

Milton Glaser: The Underground Gourmet 

Patrick Baglee meets with the formidable designer who changed New York’s culinary landscape forever

Save Our Bacon

Kyle Hugall takes a look at an American porcine trend that is spiralling out of control

Tradizione, Costruzione

Set designer Gemma Tickle and photographer Aaron Tilley present their homage to classic Italian architectural styles

Peta O’Brien: Tools of Her Trade

An intimate look at the many tools used by this leading food stylist and organic model maker


Sam Bompas explores the rich and dramatic history of this very social custom – bottoms up!

John Baldessari: Yours in Food

Natasha Hoare investigates the conceptual art pioneer’s longstanding fascination with food

I Was a Teenage Little Chef Supervisor

Laura Bradley remembers it all—the grease stains, the truckers, the exploding beans—in this homage to a British service station icon

Sunday Specials

Lexical-gustatory synaesthete James Wannerton shows us how in his mind, words become tastes, and traditional Sunday dinner is not as straightforward as it seems


Valeria Costa-Kostrisky spends a day at a singular Parisian restaurant, as proprietor Jean-Luc André recounts how his small dining room has become something between a secret and an institution

Driving Light

Hedai Offaim follows a food truck through the streets during the Jerusalem Season of Culture, collecting the stories of the city’s residents, as told through their favourite dishes 

Levande Arkivet (The Living Archive)

Lars Hinnerskov Eriksen rises to the occasion of Stockholm’s recent sourdough craze, as he speaks with Josephin Vargö about her archive project to preserve the ‘mothers’ of the world

As Turkish as Fish and Chips

Tim Burrows savours the taste of a seemingly simple British tradition, and brings to light its complex origins 

Before Things Change

Seth Fluker captures the psychedelic swirls of dirty dishwater, during his stint at the pot wash station at Whole Foods

After the Ortolan

An ancient—now illegal—practice has brought a French songbird to near extinction. The ritual of eating ortolan is portrayed through a striking visual feast. 


Marco Scozzaro gracefully photographs the people, places, and objects of significance that resonate from both his Italian past and New York present

Long Live the Living

Hannah Lack remembers the brilliance of filmmaker Les Blank, from his love of Creole Zydeco to his longstanding devotion to all things garlic

Sissel Tolaas Remembers: Lutefisk

The world-leading olfactory expert describes her fascination with a particularly philosophical and pungent dish from her childhood